59% H1B Visa Denials for Infosys in 2020; TCS Has Least Rejections

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The highest number of H-1b visa denials have been received by Infosys, India’s second-largest IT provider, and the number is as high as 59%. This rate was only 2% back in 2015.

Coming in close is Cognizant, whose H-1B petitions denied were 52% in FY20, which was only 8% five years ago. Next in line is Wipro with 39% H-1B visa petitions denied in FY20 from 8% in FY15. 

Capgemini stands at 33%, whereas Tech Mahindra’s denial rate of H-1b visa petitions stands at 32%, and this has gone up from being between 1% and 7 % in FY15. HCL Technologies saw an increase in the denial rate at 37% in 2020, observing a huge hike from 2% in 2015.

The lowest of denial rates is of Tata Consultancy Services, with 15% H-1b visa denied.