Amazon drops French Black Friday ad campaign as lockdown starts in France and other EU countries.

After the government said the promotion was unfair to small shops at a time when a coronavirus lockdown forced them to close, Amazon is removing advertisements for pre-Black Friday discounts in France.

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, declared a second national lockout until at least the end of November. Mr. Macron said that under the new measures, beginning on Friday, only vital work or medical reasons would allow people to leave home.

Non-essential industries will close, such as restaurants and bars, but schools and factories will remain open.

Amazon decided, at the behest of Junior Economy Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher, to suspend its French advertisement campaign for its Black Friday sales.

On Saturday, a page with discounted goods under the heading "Black Friday ahead of time" was on its French website, but Junior Economy Minister Agnes Pannier-Runchaer said she had asked Amazon to suspend the promotion as it was not at all necessary at a time when 200,000 companies would have to close their doors.

Black Friday typically coincides with the Friday of the US Thanksgiving Weekend, a reduction purchasing day that occurs worldwide. Black Friday, a discount shopping day that takes place globally, typically coincides with U.S. Friday. The weekend of Thanksgiving.

Amazon’s French effort was due to run between October the 26th and November the 19th.

The on-line store had to shut some of its warehouses in France during the country’s first lockdown this spring, after clashing with unions over sanitary conditions there.

For at least the next two weeks, French restaurants , cafes and shops which do not sell essential products will have to close.

In particular, the regulations caused an uproar across the nation over bookstores, with opposition politicians and literary figures calling for them to stay open.

Article Edited and Republished for CTen by Suraj Maity