Bengaluru loses ‘super city’ Tag

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Tech capital of India lost its number one “super city” tag, which it held for 15 years, with Toronto taking the lead and pushing Bengaluru to third position, as per a global innovation index released by Tholons, a strategic consulting, research and investment advisory firm.

Also, last year India was number one and the United States was number three in the list of Top 20 Digital Nations of Tholons. But this year, the U.S. pushed India to second position.

Tholons’ top five super cities are Toronto, Singapore, Bengaluru, San Francisco and Dublin. The index saw Germany, Australia, Ireland, Norway and Sweden enter the list of top 10 Digital Nations.

Ankita Vashistha, CEO, Tholons said, “Artificial intelligence, innovation, digital marketing and tech-based entrepreneurship will fuel the economies in this decade. Untapped power of women entrepreneurship, engagement and empowerment is leading the way like never before.”

As per the innovation index, digital innovation in emerging technologies, such as cloud, AI, big data and analytics, which saw unprecedented demand during the pandemic, will sustain even in the coming decade. There is a need for enterprises to re-imagine a new model for personalisation, and for that, organisations will need more active engagement strategies if they want to thrive and succeed.